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We have formed the Gulmarg Ski Academy in association and with the support of the J&K Government and its Sports & Tourism Department. Our instructors are certified under national & international Skiing federations and we provide top of the line ski equipment to ensure optimum safety. Learning to Ski on the finest powder snow slopes and the most beautiful location in the world - Gulmarg, will  leave you spellbound with an experience of a lifetime!




  1. Sport of Ski helps in team building and improves physical and mental strength

  2. Sport of Ski burns upto 600 calories per hour, strengthens lower body muscles, improves body flexibility and enhances balancing sensibilities

  3. Learn from certified Skiing Federation coaches

  4. Learn different skiing and snowboarding techniques

  5. Competitive skiing races to test the skills learnt

  6. Being an olympic sport, opportunity to participate in tournaments and advanced skiing programs

  7. Ride the iconic Gondola to reach the mountain peaks

  8. Learn about the local culture, along with sight-seeing and other  adventure activities

  9. Build camaraderie and make new freinds with Sportsfort Ski School classmates

  10. Participants will be provided with certificates on completion of the program


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