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Golf is recognized as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Golfers are known to be extremely passionate players and the sport can be played by all age groups. Sportsfort brings to your doorstep - The Sportsfort Golf Academy with TGR. Our academy provides certified & professional trainers, world class infrastructure & equipment and the latest technology. Our various programs are curated to best suit you and your golf needs and as part of our endeavor to make sports accessible we bring Golf to locations easily accessible to all. Golf is a source of fitness, discipline, and a great platform for networking.

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Benny is a NGAI Class-A Certified Golf and fitness instructor who has been coaching adults and children for the past 40 years. Benny’s goal is to work towards developing the sport all the way from the grassroot level, to the professional level.


He wishes to produce athletes that are capable of playing golf at the highest level. With over 40 years of experience, Benny has coached several different academies across India, and is now bringing his talent to the Sportsfort Team. 


At Sportsfort, Benny will be the team leader for the coaches. He will first focus on fundamentals of golf, and then will teach you how to master the different strokes and stances to help you grow as a golf athlete.


Suresh is a category ‘D’ certified coach, with over 27 years worth of experience in the golfing field. Suresh has also specialized in training school and college children, with over 15 years worth of coaching experience.


Suresh believes in equal opportunity for all. His goal is to provide quality services to everyone who wishes to learn and play the sport of golf. 


At Sportsfort, Suresh will be working with the teenage group. Being a golf veteran himself, he has the experience needed to be able to teach younger children. His love for golf allows him to teach everyone with the same passion and love for the sport that he had when he first started. 


Mayur is a National level player with an experience of 12 years of playing golf.


He played the National Qualifier in May 2019 and qualified by finishing T12. He is Currently playing on the IGU Amateur circuit. 

He has trained extensively under the guidance of his coach Digraj Singh Marwah and learned a lot of new techniques related to golf. His experience in coaching golf ranges from schools to clubs

With Sportsfort he would like to help juniors and teenagers connect with the sport and learn from his wealth of experience.


His ultimate goal is to represent India and will leave no stone unturned to achieve it.


Santosh is a Category ‘D’ certified coach, with over 40 years of experience in golf. Santosh has devoted his time to coaching schools and colleges for the past 15 years.


He is devoted to building a strong foundation for golf in Mumbai, and will do so by passing on his years of experience to those who are passionate about the sport.


At Sportsfort, Santosh will be working on developing skills at the grassroot level, forms, stances, and basic golfing knowledge to help boost students to the second phase of the courses we offer at the Sportsfort Golf Academy. 


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