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Based on the traditional skills of swordsmanship, fencing involves one-on-one combat, for which a player uses a fencing sword to hit particular targets on the opponent’s body. The three disciplines in modern fencing are the Foil, the Épée, and the Sabre. Fencing is one of the only sports to be featured in every Olympic games since 1896. In India the game is governed by The Fencing Association of India (FAI) and regular tournaments are conducted under the city, district, and state associations. The faculty at Sportsfort fencing academy will comprise of NIS (National Institute of Sports), State and District associations certified coaches with a minimum coaching experience of 5 years


As a player, Lakshmeesh has represented Karnataka in almost all of the national championships between 2008 to 2014 and has been a part of the fencing world cup 2014 at Switzerland. He has represented Karnataka in 5 National Senior Championship, 2 Federation Cup Championship & the National Games in 2011. He has received the Bangalore Youth Award in the year 2014 for his excellence in Fencing.

Making fencing his career, Lakshmeesh moved on to become one of the finest coaches in fencing, with an NIS certified B grade and over 8 years of coaching experience. Lakshmeesh is currently the coach of the Karnataka State fencing team. He has also been part some of the elitest institutions in India - Jain University, Rajiv Gandhi Health University & Bangalore University to name a few. 


Prashant was a coach of the Indian fencing team in 2nd TFF Minime series held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2018. He was a coach of the Madhya Pradesh Fencing team in SGFI Championship since 2017. He Participated in 2018 Open Thailand International Fencing Championship. He secured a silver medal in 3rd west zone National Fencing Championship & a Bronze medal in 4th youth (U-23) National Fencing Championship. He participated in All India Inter University Fencing championship 2018-19


Kedar is a winner of Acharya award in Martial arts, organized by Martial arts Sports organization board of India in 2003. He bagged the best fighter award in International Martial arts tournament in Pune in 1997. He’s the secretary and a founder member of Mumbai Upnagar Fencing association from 2003, a working committee member for Maharashtra State Fencing association from 2004 & a member of the referee committee board for Maharashtra State Fencing association from 2009. He has been the Coach for Maharashtra for 9th National sub-Junior championship, Gwalior in 2007 & 18th National Senior Fencing Championship, Kerala in 2007. He was the manager for Maharashtra Senior team in 21st Senior National Fencing championship, Hyderabad in 2011. He’s currently the Chairperson for Maharashtra Referee Board Committee.

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