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A short drive from Almaty, Kazakhstan takes you to the breathtaking Shymbaluk area - one of the largest in Central Asia - where our team of friendly coordinators and certified instructors will welcome you to the charming Shymbaluk Ski Resort. Get ready to learn Skiing and other fun filled snow activities at the backdrop of the one of the most scenic locations in the world. Also explore the beauty & attractions of Almaty with our guided luxurious excursions and get a chance to interact with their people and culture.




  1. Sport of Ski helps in building strength both physically and emotionally

  2. Sport of Ski helps in Team building as well as Persona Building

  3. Train under certified ski and snowboarding instructors

  4. Learn different skiing and snowboarding techniques

  5. Learn what the right body posture for skiing is and how to balance their weight on a snow clad surface

  6. Visit the AIBA World Boxing Academy and interact with their management

  7. Visit the Kazakhstan Hockey Federation and interact with their management

  8. Visit the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism and interact with their students and management

  9. Medals and certificates will be provided on the completion of the program

  10. Also learn about the local culture, along with sight-seeing and other adventure activities


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