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Handball, a fast paced olympic team sport which has gained immense popularity in Europe and Asian countries has now become one of the most sought after sports in our subcontinent. We have developed a coaching camp under the experienced and professional guidance of the Kazakhstan Handball Federation followed by competitive matches with their teams at their world class facilities. The coaches will conduct video analysis of all players and provide detailed reports of their game. The itinerary will provide for ample of hours for shopping & recreational activities at the local bazaars & malls along with soaking in the beautiful sights of the city.




  1. Visit and play at world class sporting facilities in Almaty, Kazakhstan

  2. Interact with professional coaches, players, administrators and other officials and observe live training sessions.

  3. Train under qualified Handball Federation of Kazakhstan coaches

  4. Experience the European style of Handball game and learn different game strategies.

  5. Opportunity to play friendly matches and analyze your game

  6. Visit landmark places in the city and participate in other fun filled activities

  7. Visit the Kairat F.C Stadium and interact with their officials

  8. Visit the Kazakhstan Hockey Federation and interact with their management

  9. Visit the Kazakh Academy of Sports & Tourism and interact with their students and management

  10. They get to interact with locals and learn about their culture and lifestyle

  11. Medals and certificates will be awarded on completion of the program


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